What can you eat after teeth whitening?

Can i eat after teeth whitening?

The simple answer to this question is: YES you can eat after teeth whitening treatment BUT, keep in mind that for the first 24 to 48 hours you should avoid consuming foods and drinks that can release dark color pigments. WHY?

Your teeth have microscopic channels that extend from the tooth pulp (where the tooth nerve is) to the outer surface of the enamel. These channels are normally blocked with minerals which prevent sensitivity while we consume hot and cold drinks. After the whitening treatment these minerals are dissolved allowing oxygen to penetrate inside the tooth to remove stain molecules, making your teeth susceptible to sensitivity and vulnerable to stains. This is a temporary situation and it takes approximately 2 days for saliva to re-block these “enamel holes” again.   In other words if you consume coffee, tobacco or red wine right after the whitening treatment, your teeth will absorb the stain released from these products at a much higher rate compared to 48 hours later.

After Teeth Whitening tips.

For the first couple of hours after teeth whitening treatment, you must consume only room temperature water (not to cold and not to hot).

  • Try breathing through your nose as it avoids cold air contact with your teeth.
  • Avoid smoking after teeth whitening. ( This might sound impossible to most smokers. If you have to smoke try to at least reducing the frequency for the first 24 hours. For example if you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day try reducing the number to 3 per day abd brush your teeth immediately and if you cant do so rinse your mouth with water)
  • Avoid consumption of foods listed under TO AVOID food chart. (Tip: Use a straw for coffee, tea, cola and wine and brush teeth or rinse your mouth immediately).
  • Use Colgate pro relief, sensodyne or any other sensitivity toothpastes for a week.

Basically anything that you consume and can potentially release dark stains, should be avoided for a period of 24-48 hours after in office teeth whitening treatment. Here is a list of products considered “safe” to consume after teeth whitening treatment.

Products To Avoid Products To Consume
Red Wine Milk
Coffee Plain Yogurt
Black Tea Cheese
Coke Water
Juice Rice
Brown Bread Pasta
Fruits White Bread
Artificial Dyes Chicken
Sauces Fish
Salad Dressings Pork
Smoking Vegetables


  1. Jamielee says:

    Can you eat pieces and bacon after teeth whitening ?

  2. John says:

    if you smoke like 5 cigarettes 9 hours after the laser whitening, what will happen

  3. Just Smile says:

    Smoking is best avoided after teeth whitening for couple of days at least for reasons mentioned here After teeth whitening instructions.
    If you have to smoke then rinse well with water or better brush your teeth right away


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