1. Lorrie says:

    Is this Zoom whitening?

    • Just Smile says:

      Hi Lorrie,

      We are not using Zoom materials anymore due to negative feedback from our patients. Zoom used to come only in high concentration gel making it impossible for us to manage the sensitivity. We are now using three different products which enables us to reduce sensitivity and achieve maximum whitening results.

  2. Alessandro says:


    I am exclusive distributor of Needle free comfort in, from Korea in Brazil.
    I saw Your video and really liked it !!
    Could You please inform how could I buy the needle free product that You use ?
    Kind Regards,

    Alessandro Ribeiro Costa

    • Just Smile says:

      Hi Alessandro,

      Needle Free anesthetic demonstrated in the video is called Oraqix product of Dentsply.

      Hope that helps.


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