Dental Hygiene

While brushing and flossing your teeth are both essential parts of maintaining good oral hygiene, regular checkups at your dental hygienist in Toronto are also an important preventive factor that contributes to a healthy and  beautiful smile. Cleaning and polishing your teeth prior to teeth whitening treatment is recommended by many dentists and dental hygienists for long lasting teeth whitening results.

Intra-extra Oral Examination

This is a detailed examination of your oral health that will help us to customize your oral hygiene treatment plan. During the examination we check for abnormal tissue lesions that could develop and become malignant. Early detection of these lesions is a key factor in the successful treatment of oral cancers.

Teeth Cleaning

Visiting your dental hygienist to clean your teeth on regular basis (every 3-6 months) is an important way to maintain good oral health and to prevent various dental problems in the future. Dental cleaning consists of the removal of plaque and tartar which causes inflammation of the gums, periodontal disease, recession of the gums etc.

  • What is plaque?

Plaque is a bacterial colony in our mouth that attaches it self on the surface of our teeth that releases acidic byproducts which are harmful to the enamel causing cavities.

  • What is tartar (calculus)?

Tartar or calculus nothing else but a matured layer of plaque which appears to be harder like a stone, firmly attached on the surface of the teeth. When you do not brush and floss often/properly then plaque becomes tartar causing redness on your gums, bleeding and puffy gums. Once plaque becomes tartar you will need to see your dental hygienist which uses special mechanical instruments to remove these bacterial colonies and give you proper advice on how to maintain a good oral hygiene at all times.

Dental Polishing

Typically, after every dental cleaning, we selectively polish your teeth with a polishing paste to remove the remaining stains on your teeth. Polishing also smooths the enamel surface  making it harder for bacteria to stick to the surface of the teeth. (The main purpose of polishing is to achieve a smooth enamel surface and remove the remaining stains and plaque after cleaning with dental hygiene instruments. Polishing is not a substitute for teeth whitening treatment).

Fluoride Treatment

After cleaning and polishing, topical fluoride treatment is used to help re-mineralize and strengthen the enamel of the teeth.

Note: Not everyone will be suitable for teeth whitening. For more information please read our FAQ’s section.


  1. Darcie says:

    just wondering how much it is for a cleaning?

    • Just Smile says:

      Dear Darcie,

      We have dental cleaning promotions from time to time. We would encourage you to contact our office directly over the phone so a dental hygienist can accurately answer your questions.

  2. sabina catic says:

    hi there,

    I’m wondering how much a cleaning appointment would cost and if I can use my University dental coverage for it (Ryerson)?


  3. Israel Mallari says:

    OK, I have a client based there in Toronto. I’m trying to get her a dental hygienist before she leaves on Wednesday. I’d like to know how much is the fee for one session of teeth cleaning? Can you at least send me your latest prices on teeth cleaning?


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