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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that is used by millions of people around the world. It is a safe and fast procedure that involves the usage of a special whitening gel that contains Hydrogen Peroxide and an blue LED light which is used to speed up the whitening process. During the whitening treatment your gums will be insulated with a liquid rubber dam to avoid the contact of the gel with your gums. A cheek re-tractor will be placed into your mouth to avoid your lips and cheeks get into contact with the whitening gel. 100% vitamin E can be used to keep your lips soft during and after the treatment. The treatment will ONLY be performed by Licensed Dental Hygienists who possess the necessary training and knowledge to determine if you are the right candidate for teeth whitening.

Results Guarantee

  • In general most natural teeth respond to the treatment achieving satisfactory whitening results, however not all clients teeth respond the same way due to variation in genetics in the tooth structure and other unknown factors.
  • It is generally accepted by various studies that people with yellowish teeth color get the best results when compared to people with grayish or bluish teeth color.
  • Client should acknowledge that the amount of whitening varies from patient to patient and the degree of whitening cannot be predicted or guaranteed by our dental professionals. (However we do have a satisfaction guarantee program in effect, which guarantees you at least 4 whiter shades  or you do not have to pay anything).


Conditions not eligible for teeth whitening

a)     People with severe periodontal disease

b)     Opened dental fillings new or old cavities

c)     Pregnant/lactating women

d)     People that have allergic reaction to the whitening gel (Hydrogen peroxide)

e)     If you are/were wearing braces for the past 3-6 months period

f)      People under the age of 14


Some complications to teeth whitening treatment include, but are not limited to:


Lips/Gums irritation

Peroxide solutions have been available for many years as an antiseptic in the mouth and it is widely used for its effect on teeth whitening.Sometimes during the treatment you might feel a tingling sensation of the gums due to possible contact of the whitening gel with the gum tissue. To prevent this we use Vitamin E prior and after the treatment. Usually these symptoms are temporary and go away within couple of hours, however if the symptoms persist longer after the treatment you should contact us or seek your dentists advice.

Tooth sensitivity

Sensitivity of different degrees is a known side effect in teeth whitening treatments. With time teeth whitening gel formula has been improved. Research indicates that in most cases this is a temporary effect caused by the whitening gel. If tooth sensitivity persists after treatment, fluoride home gel (over the counter), and a special desensitizing gel that contains fluoride and other elements can be recommended to help strengthening your teeth and reduce the sensitivity.

Root exposure

The root of your teeth can be exposed due to cervical erosion/abrasion, and gingival recession. If your teeth appear darker on the cervical are (where the teeth meet the gum) you are most likely effected by these conditions. These exposed areas of your teeth are not covered by enamel and therefore are much more sensitive to external chemical stimuli like components of the teeth whitening gel.

Spots and Streaks

Some clients may develop white spots or streaks on their teeth due to calcium deposits that naturally occur in teeth. The peroxide gel does NOT cause these spots. The gel just brings the already existing calcium deposits out and makes them visible again. These usually diminish over time.


After the treatment it is normal to teeth color to regress overtime. This is natural and should be very gradual over time, but it can be accelerated by exposing your teeth to various staining agents like tobacco, wine, coffee, cola etc. While most teeth lighten to the extent desire, some do not. In all instances, additional whitening treatment might be required to maintain the original whitening results obtained right after the initial treatment.

Your responsibilities

If there are any known contraindicated conditions to teeth whitening treatment included in this consent form, you should advice the dental professional before treatment

  • Do not smoke, drink or eat anything but water during the first 60 minutes after the treatment. (Whitening gel opens the enamel pores making your teeth vulnerable to staining agents)
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink staining foods after treatment for a period of 24 to 48 hours. (Avoid Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, Fizzy Drinks, Currie Dark Green Vegetables and Tomato based sauces.)
  • If tooth sensitivity persists after the treatment use recommended over the counter fluoride treatment or seek dentist’s advice.


Free whitening for life™

Free Professional Teeth Whitening for Life’ is a privilege only bestowed to individuals who meet and maintain all of the rules and regulations pertaining to said program. Just Smile, its dental hygienists and staff have the right to refuse this offer without warnings at any time if deemed necessary based on patient health conditions, misuse, abuse, or any other factor deemed necessary by our dental staff. Minimum gum and teeth health required to receive professional whitening. Lifetime Whitening will be available for as long as Just Smile continue practising dental hygiene in Toronto.



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