At home teeth whitening instructions

Indications for use

Just Smile At Home Teeth Whitening kit contains a Touch-Up pen, cheek re-tractor, and an LED mini light that will speed up the process of whitening. This at home teeth whitening kit is recommended as a follow up treatment after the professional teeth whitening treatment by JUST SMILE dental professionals. Using the Touch Up pen will help the whitening results last longer.

At home Teeth whitening kit contains:

1. Touch Up pen with 6% Hydrogen peroxide (Lower concentration then the one used by our licensed dental professionals to avoid irritation of the gums or hypersensitivity).

2. LED mini light that speeds up the process of teeth whitening and a cheek re-tractor which avoids the contact of your cheeks with your teeth during the application of the gel on the teeth.

3. Desensitizing gel that is used to reduce the sensitivity and make your teeth stronger (Apply it after the treatment on all the affected teeth)

Important notes

*Please keep Just Smile At Home Teeth Whitening kit in the refrigerator especially in summer time. If whitening gel is left in the sun or in a warm room, this could cause the gel to brake down. One hour before you use the pen remove it from the refrigerator and let it cool down until it reaches the room temperature. If the gel is cold it will affect the results.

The pen is to be applied directly on the surface of the teeth. Try to avoid the gel from getting in contact play at casinos in Canada with the gums, lips or any other tissues during the application

teeth whitening mini light
teeth whitening mini light
teeth whitening kit

Steep 1 – Brushing

Brush and floss your teeth for 5-7 minutes before you start Just Smile at home teeth whitening kit.

Steep 2 – Using the cheek re-tractor

The blue plastic piece that comes with the kit is called the cheek re-tractor. It is used to keep your lips apart during the treatment so the gel doesn’t come in contact with your cheeks and the teeth can be exposed to the mini Light.

1. Get your self in front of the mirror while inserting the cheek re-tractor in your mouth.

2. Hold the cheek re-tractor in a vertical position (that is with the semi circle pointing towards the ground), with the sides that has the curved flanges towards the face. The straight flanges has to stay outside the mouth when properly inserted

3. Slip one side of the mouth into the smooth, round grove of the check re-tractor. Now the other side of the mouth has to be slipped onto the other side of the cheek re-tractor (by pressing the cheek re-tractor wings against each other). When finished your front teeth should be completely visible.

4. If you have trouble inserting the cheek re-tractor you might want to use some Vaseline to facilitate the process of insertion. (TIP: if you are not comfortable with the cheek re-tractor in your mouth try adjusting it by pressing the bottom of the cheek re-tractor slightly towards your chin.)

To properly visualize the insertion of the cheek re-tractor check our Teeth Whitening videos

Steep 3 – Drying your teeth

Dry your teeth with a piece of gauze until your teeth are free of saliva. (TIP: If your teeth are shiny that indicates the presence of saliva, so keep drying using new gauze if necessary until your teeth are not shiny anymore). *We strongly recommend the insertion of cotton rolls on both sides of the cheeks and under the tongue. Avoiding saliva to be mixed with teeth whitening gel is essential in achieving maximum results.

Steep 4 – Using the pen

Whitening trays are messy and it gives poor results. Using trays is impossible to avoid the contact of the gel with the gums, therefore sensitivity is inevitable.We recommend the new touch up whitening pen for at home teeth whitening. It has a unique feature that eliminates the usage of mouth trays. You can twist-and-click the bottom of the pen and the gel will come out of the brush allowing you to control the quantity of the gel that comes out of the pen.

1. Twist the bottom of the pen 4-5 times until the gel starts coming out of the brush (the pen has an air bubble to avoid the gel reaching the brush or the sponge during shipping. (Some of the pens have a brush and some have a sponge, they both work the same way).

2. Twist the pen several times during every application. In general the pen should be twisted 2-3 times for every two teeth.

3. Application of the gel should start with the upper teeth first, then tilt your head back in a reclined position when applying the gel on the lower teeth to avoid the saliva mixing with the gel. During the treatment seat and position your upper body in a 45 degree angle (upright position is considered 90 degree angle). If saliva is mixed with the gel, it might cause gingival irritation and poor results. 4. Apply a THICK coat of gel on every tooth starting from one side of the mouth to the last visible tooth on the other side. This is to make sure that the gel is applied on every visible tooth.

Remember that the gel is applied ONLY on your teeth. If the gel reaches the gums during the treatment it might give a tingling sensation that doesn’t last long (After the treatment use the desensitizing gel that comes in a syringe with the “JUSTSMILE AT HOME” kit to reduce any sensitivity caused by the gel).

Steep 5 – Mini light activation

Open the battery cover and remove the battery protector plastic card that is found between two batteries. Position the batteries as per light instructions and press the white button ones. Insert the light into your mouth once the gel has been applied on your teeth. Make sure to avoid direct contact with your teeth. Try breathing through your nose. For visual instructions on how to activate the mini light click here


For first time users it is recommended 3 sessions of 10 minutes (30 min), but if you are using it as a follow up treatment then you will need to use it for 10-20 minutes.

You can use the Touch Up pen treatment for as many days possible (generally 5-7 days)

After treatment

After the treatment rinse with water to remove the gel. Apply the desensitizing gel everywhere around your teeth and wait for a minute so that the gel makes its desired effect and rinse again with water. You can also use vitamin E oil to moisturize your lips and your gums after the treatment. If sensitivity is experienced please read our Post Teeth Whitening Instructions guide. If you have any questions regarding at home teeth whitening treatment contact us

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