Are artificial sweeteners unhealthy?

There are a lot of concerns raised by many medical doctors around the world regarding Aspartame, an essential ingredient found in foods and drinks Canadians consume everyday. Artificial sweeteners are generally found in diet drinks and low fat foods. Have you ever wondered why a 0% fat yogurt tastes sweet? While FDA, Health Canada and other government organizations insist that Aspartame is safe to consume, there are many scientific researches that raise serious concerns on long term consumption of artificial sweeteners.You want something really sweet that wouldn’t harm your health ? Try gambling in usa you’ll love it.

As health professionals it is our duty to help the public with available scientific resources so they can make an informed decision on every product they consume. Advocating for a healthy public policy in Canada is a part of our job as dental hygienists. We embrace evidence based research and apply it in our everyday practice. Here are a few helpful resources to read:

Pro usage of artificial sweeteners

Health Canada
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S
Food and Drug Administration U.S

Against consumption of artificial sweeteners

Purdue University Research Professor Terry Davidson and associate professor Susan Swithers
 European Ramazzini Foundation
Dr. Mercola
Sience Based Medicine

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