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I agree with Julia.I had the same experience . I was a little skeptic at first with all those teeth whitening places around you don't know who to trust. Just Smile employees didn't sound like sales people. They sounded more like dental professionals.. In fact all of them are Dental Hygienists. I didn't feel any thing except for the fact that i had to wait 45 minutes with my mouth open. Well it takes time to get pretty so WORTH IT Highly recommended dental professionals.
Torontocoolgirl, Toronto

Very professional When i first saw their ad $179 i thought they are the same as those mall kiosks that charge you less then dental offices but then in a month your teeth are back the same as before. I was definitely wrong. Not only they were professional during the treatment but they explained to me everything i need to know to keep my teeth whiter. Plus hey $179 is nothing compared to dentists. I'm personally very happy with the results and i have recommended all my friends here.
David Marsupi, Toronto

I was really impressed with the amazing results that I got. Moreover the service was great as well.. very professional and convenient. I would definitely recommend it to everyone... I still have white teeth after 8 months although I smoke and drink coffee daily.
Nerisa S, toronto

Good job... worth the price...and they come to your place :) i swear i didnt believe it at first.. my teethM are still white after 5 months. I don't smoke, drink coffee or tea though..
Julia, Toronto

Thank You Who would have ever thought you could get teeth whitening at home by a Dental Hygienist. They didn't charge me extra for coming at home. Very professional no doubt. I also got the free Just Smile kit to continue whitening by my self at home. $180 is a fair price. I referred two of my friends and i got my teeth whiter for half price :))) $90 Again thank you.
Lerdorf Valesky, Toronto

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